Offices that have creative spaces always seem more fun to work in and are viewed with envy by visiting clients and outsiders. Creative spaces are those small areas that have been carved out the usual hum-drum office environment and turned into something fun or interesting. It just takes a few interesting pieces of furniture and […]

key to successful events

Even a seasoned event planner can get lost in the details or find themselves off course from the original concept. This is understandable considering the factors involved in organising a successful event or function. However, as they say in the military – “no plan ever survives first contact” – it is important to remain flexible […]

event decor trends

This is the year for making a bold statement without seeming to be trying too hard. Moving away from set pieces and copying Pinterest boards, weddings and event décor in 2017 are going to find their own uniqueness. The final event wow factor is a combination of all the little touches working together with a […]

Decor warehouse for events and parties

The end of the year brings the anticipation of year-end functions as we eagerly check our notifications, emails and social media feeds for event invitations. The competition for the best event is fierce as the guests mentally score each event, and the winner has the prestige of being noted has having organised “The Event of […]

Event Décor Warehouse Cape Town

The function venue has been selected but it is probably just an empty room with a few fixtures and fittings. The task is now to decorate the room to make your event look like the image you have in your head. This can be a frustrating and time-consuming process as the venue may not have […]

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